In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Society of History

Research Journal of Iran Local Histories welcomes researchers, scholars, resource persons and practitioners to come up with their ideas and new perspectives that can extend the existing body of knowledge in below mentioned scope. The areas of interest include the following subjects, but are not limited to:


  • Introduction, Critique and Analytical Review of Iranian Local History Sources 
  • Introducing, reviewing and analyzing documents related to Iranian local history
  • Identification and revival of manuscripts related to local history of Iran
  • Explaining the Importance of Local Historiography and the Necessity of Recognizing Local History for Optimal Understanding of Iranian History
  • Understanding the culture and civilization of different Iranian ethnic groups historically
  • Introducing Iranian Local Governments
  • The Role of Local Governments and Local Families in Iranian Historical Developments
  • The Role of Local Families in the Development of Iranian Culture and Civilization
  • Identifying influential local personalities in political history ranian Cultural and Civilization
  • Social and cultural art history of different regions of Iran